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The Mahakiratha Rudra Yajnam is the yearly festival of Lord Vettekkaran. Devotees all around the world come pouring in to be part of the yajnam which embraces vaidika and thanthrika ceremonies, the most important being the throwing of 12,008 coconuts, symbolizing the mountaneous hurdles and hardships of life shattered by the Lord with much ease and in no time. Devotees come from all over the world to watch and be part of the offerings. Oottu (offering of food), pattu (kalam pattu) and kottu (drums) are the main elements of Vettekkaran pattu. The chathushatham (payasam) and koottappam are special nivedyams of the festival.

Almost all the looming personalities in the field of art, culture, literature and spirituality have visited this place over the period of time. Apart from panchavadyam, melam and ezhunallippu, temple arts, folk arts and cultural programmes involving people from different spheres of art and culture, not only pleases the eyes and ears but also erases all boundaries of land and language. The Mahakiratha Rudra Yajnam thus emerges as a stage, a yajnasala for all of humanity, weaving all souls together in one single prayer for its prosperity and upliftment.

No: Vazhipadu Amount
1 സഹസ്രചണ്ഡിക ദേവിമാഹത്മ്യ പാരായണം (1 ആവർത്തി) 1000.00
2 ദേവിമാഹാത്മ്യ (ആഹൂതി 1 ആവർത്തി) 5000.00
3 ദേവി മഹത്മ്യ അർച്ചന 500.00
4 വെള്ളി ലോക്കറ്റ് വേട്ടേക്കരൻ ദേവി 5000.00
5 ചെമ്പ്‌ ലോക്കറ്റ് വേട്ടേക്കരൻ ദേവി 1000.00

Offerings can be booked online , or the amount can be transferred to the temple's account
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