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Thottathil Mana, the members of which family have an undeniable place of their own among the Samaveda scholars of the present day and also the greater ones of the past, have served the world with the samaveda tradition of Panjal, a place enriched with the culture and tradition of yajnas. Read more....

Vettekkaran is the diety of worship and upasana of Sri Kuttan Namboothiri in Thottathil Mana. Vettekkaran, Shiva as a hunter, is the Mahashakthi who manifested himself from the penance of the forefathers. The sankalpa of Vettekkaran comes from Mahabharatha and revolves round the story of Shiva and Parvathi taking the form of tribal hunting people in order to slay the selfishness (ahamkara) in Arjuna's mind.

Darsan of vettekaran gives spiritual and needed guidance to devotees coming here. A unique stream in Astrology, gives spiritual and needed guidance to devotees coming here. The burdens of life and the sorrows of the mind shatter as the coconut shells crack on the stone in front of the God during vettekkaran pattu, giving away blessings to the seeking mind and comforts to all the ailments. Mahaguruthi, sahasradhara, poomoodal, annadanam are some of the offerings that are done by devotees for the success they intend. Read more....





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